Exercise Book making:

Writing plays a vital role in the learning process of every student. SINDAM, a premier brand Note Book introduced by nest printing and publishing is a tribute to every aspiring student. SINDAM brand of Quality Note Book is manufactured using the finest paper, source in from leading paper mills and using state of the art Plant and Machineries. With SINDAM, nest assures unmatched quality and writing pleasure, enhancing the learning process of every student.

Apart from the companies own brand, nest provides customise solutions to various Schools thereby enabling them to have their own branding.

Existing Clients

  1. Black Bird School
  2. AJAD English School
  3. Ushus Academy
  4. Kid Arena
  5. Nongpok Maheikol
  6. Paradise Academy
  7. Jalil
  8. Canchi Academy
  9. Mira Public School
  10. Millennium School
  11. Millennium Institute of Science
  12. Malika English School
  13. Stanford Photon School
  14. Sunshine Academy

The demand for exercise book is ever increasing due to the increase in no of students. Unlike Printing industry there will be always demand for exercise Book from the students. With the ever increasing no of students, as well as lack of quality exercise Book Manufacturer, Exercise Book market in Manipur is another opportunity area which the firm has forayed into. Exercise Book also complements the existing infrastructure of the Company. The company has invested some of the finest machineries which is first of its kind in the Exercise Book making industry of Manipur

Ruling machine: Automatic Reel to Sheet Hi-Tech High Speed Ruling/Flexo printing Machine.

Offline Binding Machine: Exercise book Binding machine Model: UNO B104

With the installation of the above two machineries the company can now produced quality exercise book which is comparable with some of the famous known brand of exercise book available in the market.