"Enhancing the Knowledge through Books and Reading Materials"


Reading Materials such as books, journals, magazine, story books is the warehouse of knowledge for mankind. With the aim of enhancing knowledge of the various readers with a relevance to socio-cultural and ethos and strengths of the regions Nest has ventured into publishing sector.

Abokki Phunga Wari:

The influence of the digital world on today's children is quite tremendous and widespread. The values, ethos and the moral lessons which used to transfer from grandmother orally (Abok) to the grandchildren throug'h bedtime stories seem to have lost in this present generation. Abokki Phunga Wari is a simple yet genuine effort of Nest Printing and Publishing bringing back the same stories in local script with an intent to bring the values, the ethos and moral lessons amongst the Children.


  1. My Everest Diary: An Account of the personal experience of the Mt. Everest Expedition by the team leader Dr. L. Surjit Singh
  2. Prspect of Adventure Sports in Manipur by Dr. L. Surjit Singh
  3. Na Dal Sakke Bar Mala (in Hindi) translation by Dr. Ch. Nishan Ningtamba from Manipuri Drama written by Rajmani Khunjamba.